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Attributes of our Beef

Cualidades de la Carne de Ganaderia Revuelta

The quality of GANADERIA REVUELTA meat is guaranteed by complying with the following production parameters:
• All beef cattle must be top-level selection and within the highest quality classification of the USDA. All are Mexican, with european race genetics, beef cattle only (not dairy cattle), and not older than 30 months of age at the moment of sacrifice, 80% of our cattle are younger than 24 months.


Our meat meets and exceeds the USDA classification requirements, has an excellent natural flavor and marbling, with pure white fat and bright red flesh, characteristics that only they get from young fattening cattle. This is due in large part to the 100% natural diet with rations of grain, alfalfa, natural proteins, minerals and antioxidant vitamins A and E, under strict control bromatological.

Cualidades de la Carne de Ganaderia Revuelta

Cualidades de la Carne de Ganaderia Revuelta


• The beef produced by has an excellent natural taste and marbling, the fat is a pure white color and the beef itself is bright red, attributes exclusive to young beef cattle in a feeding program.

• Old cattle has yellow fat and the beef color is dark red; creamy fat can be present on young cattle that have not been under a feeding program. Only young cattle in a feeding program can have the best features.

• The feeding of our cattle is based on a 100% natural diet. This consistent of grass, natural proteins, minerals and vitamins A and E, everything under strict bromatologic hygiene.

• No antibiotics are used during the feeding program and the cattle are periodically tested, if for any reason antibiotics are found, the feeding program is terminated immediately for that animal.

• GANADERIA REVUELTA keeps strict care in the Beef Packing plant, to ensure a 100% natural food, with no preservatives, tenderizers or any kind of substance that can improve the appearance of the beef but endanger a person's health.

• Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (mad cow disease) can be present in adult cattle older than 36 months of age. GANADERIA REVUELTA only sacrifices beef cattle younger than 30 months, and 80% of them are younger than 24 months of age.

• We are a clenbuterol-free certified plant, we watch over and control the daily procedures to detect the preesence of clenbuterol.

Cualidades de la Carne de Ganaderia Revuelta

Cualidades de la Carne de Ganaderia Revuelta

Cualidades de la Carne de Ganaderia Revuelta


GANADERIA REVUELTA is very stringent when it comes to beef safety, that's why we oversee the whole production chain. From when since the cattle are born, to their feeding program, sacrifice in a Federally Inspected Plant, and continuing to the Beef Packing process and transportation for delivery.

GANADERIA REVUELTA only uses selected young beef cattle before the age of 30 months old when sacrificed, our beef will always have Maturity "A". The USDA classification admits in their Choice and Prime qualities Maturity "B", from cattle of 30 to 42 months old; Maturity "C" from cattle of 42 to 46 months old. These regulations are in force in the United States since January 31, 1997.



The USDA classifies Maturity levels in Choice and Prime beef as: Maturity "A": Cattle younger than 30 months of age Maturity "B": Cattle of 30 to 42 months of age Maturity "C": Cattle of 42 to 46 months old. GANADERIA REVUELTA only produces beef classified as Maturity "A", the best in the USA and Canada.


We only admit Bright Red beef, Pantone 185C to 186C.


White, RGB Color 255-255-255. GANADERIA REVUELTA DOES NOT allow creamy or yellow fat. white, we do not accept creamy or yellowish fat.


The best quality of beef can be identified by a firm muscle texture, related to young beef cattle, is natural and tender without needing to use tenderizers.


All beef produced by GANADERIA REVUELTA must have a muscle classified as good or better.

A superior muscle is accomplished when using young cattle with good genetics and a balanced feeding program. Cattle that does not meet this requirements are not allowed.


Is the consistency of the muscle masses, it is directly related to the cattle maturity.

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